A stealth-based 2D platformer where you don't have to kill anyone unless you want to. https://www.semicolin.games
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using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio;
using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content;
namespace SemiColinGames {
public static class SoundEffects {
public static SoundEffect IntroMusic;
public static SoundEffect[] SwordSwings = new SoundEffect[4];
public static void Load(ContentManager content) {
IntroMusic = content.Load<SoundEffect>("music/playonloop/smash_bros_short");
SwordSwings[0] = content.Load<SoundEffect>("sfx/zapsplat/sword_whoosh_1");
SwordSwings[1] = content.Load<SoundEffect>("sfx/zapsplat/sword_whoosh_2");
SwordSwings[2] = content.Load<SoundEffect>("sfx/zapsplat/sword_whoosh_3");
SwordSwings[3] = content.Load<SoundEffect>("sfx/zapsplat/sword_whoosh_4");