A stealth-based 2D platformer where you don't have to kill anyone unless you want to. https://www.semicolin.games
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Colin McMillen 829b9df78e lint fixes for TreeScene. 1 year ago
Properties Add unit tests for History class. 2 years ago
GeometryTests.cs Add unit tests for Geometry.Rotate(Vector2). 2 years ago
HistoryTests.cs move History.ToArray() into test code. 2 years ago
LineTests.cs Player: stop creating a new Point[] via Line.Rasterize every frame. 2 years ago
SharedTests.csproj SharedTests: depend on MonoGame 3.8 1 year ago
app.config Update MSTest versions. 1 year ago
packages.config SharedTests: depend on MonoGame 3.8 1 year ago