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<h1 id="emacs-tips">Emacs Tips</h1>
<p><em>Posted 2007-05-22, updated 2021-07-01.</em></p>
<p>These are some emacs keybindings (and other functions) that I once found useful. I&rsquo;ve mostly used Sublime Text for the last few years, however.</p>
<h2 id="editing">Editing</h2>
<p><code>C-[SPC]</code>: set mark<br>
<code>C-x C-x</code>: exchange point and mark<br>
<code>C-w</code>: kill (AKA &ldquo;cut&rdquo;)<br>
<code>M-w</code>: kill-ring-save (AKA &ldquo;copy&rdquo;)<br>
<code>C-y</code>: yank (AKA &ldquo;paste&rdquo;)<br>
<code>M-h</code>: Put region around current paragraph (mark-paragraph).<br>
<code>C-x h</code>: Put region around the entire buffer (mark-whole-buffer).<br>
<code>C-u C-[SPC]</code>: Move in mark ring<br>
<code>M-d</code>: Kill word<br>
<code>M-[DEL]</code>: Kill word backwards<br>
<code>C-M-k</code>: Kill the following balanced expression (kill-sexp)</p>
<h2 id="registers">Registers</h2>
<p><code>C-x r r</code>: Save position of point in register r (point-to-register).<br>
<code>C-x r j r</code>: Jump to the position saved in register r (jump-to-register).<br>
<code>C-x r s r</code>: Copy region into register r (copy-to-register).<br>
<code>C-x r i r</code>: Insert text from register r (insert-register).</p>
<h2 id="bookmarks">Bookmarks</h2>
<p><code>C-x r m [RET]</code>: Set the bookmark for the visited file, at point.<br>
<code>C-x r m bookmark [RET]</code>: Set the bookmark named bookmark at point (bookmark-set).<br>
<code>C-x r b bookmark [RET]</code>: Jump to the bookmark named bookmark (bookmark-jump).<br>
<code>C-x r l</code>: List all bookmarks (list-bookmarks).<br>
<code>M-x bookmark-save</code>: Save all the current bookmark values in the default bookmark file.</p>
<h2 id="miscellaneous">Miscellaneous</h2>
<p><code>M-`</code> shows the menu.<br>
<code>M-x highlight-changes-mode</code> toggles showing the changes you&rsquo;ve made to the file since the last save.</p>
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